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Deadlock alpha has been released! (at last)

After multiple adventures and obstacles we had to overcome, we finally managed to publish Deadlock alpha version on Desura yesterday : )

You can find our game there:


Time flew at an incredible speed, the game became bigger than expected and it went beyond the 1st goal we planned (polishing the 7 Days FPS demo) to be closer to the 2nd one: making a ‘real’ game!

So what’s new in this version:

  • A new level has been integrated (3rd on 5 planned)
  • A new power-up, the Dash, can now be collected and it changes completely the way you’ll play the game
  • More polished art and sound assets
  • A new Speedrun Mode along with online Leaderboards to challenge players all over the world.

We will keep adding more stuff into the game: from now on updates should be released more frequently as we are almost done with the game structure and will be focused on adding content to the game (new levels, new enemies…).

But I don’t want to spoil you right now, it wouldn’t be fun…

By the way, our super sound designers made a SoundClound page so you can bring Deadlock original soundtrack in your headphones anytime, anywhere : )

I’m quite excited right now as I see more and more players playing the game, beating our best times and even finding new exploits we didn’t expect!

That’s really rewarding to watch people taking your game and showing you how you should actually be playing it: it’s like they were now part of the team as they are taking over the design of the game.

Hope future updates will keep bringing more players to enjoy the game!

If you want to follow the project, you can find us there:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/deadlock

Twitter: www.twitter.com/DeadlockTeam

Now it’s time to get back to work, see you!

Interference – IndieGoGo campaign

Today a friend told me about a really promising new indie game called ‘Interference‘, which features a mix of platforming, stealth and puzzles within a great universe reminding Ridley Scott’s ‘Blade Runner’ movie.

I saw the game’s trailer and then realized that this project was run by a single person (helped by 2 music composers): I know that he doesn’t constitute the unique example of such great projects with such (ridiculously) low means but… wow, I can help myself being amazed each time I see a game with such a great potential being made by one talented person!

If you like cyberpunk universes and are the kind of person that keep watching ‘Blade Runner’ at least one time a year, you should definitely have a look to Anthony Beyer’s Interference and maybe help him making it real by backing the project on IndieGogo?

Oh, and if it is not enough, there is a free alpha demo is downloadable on the campaign page : )

First Meetup in Montreal

Yesterday I went to the meeting monthly held by the Montreal Game Society Club (or MGSC for hurried people) in a bar located on the Saint-Laurent boulevard in Montreal.

It was a great occasion to meet interesting people, fellow developers, to do some interesting playtest for Deadlock (thanks again David!), but also to meet the Canadian members of team Flying Carpets, responsible for one of the most promising indie game to come: ‘The Girl and the Robot‘.

Keep up the great work dudes, your work is really inspiring!

Hope to see you guys in future events like the GAMERella game jam next week-end : )