GAMERella game jam is over!


This week-end I participated to the GAMERella game jam which theme was ‘Alchemy’.

It was really cool meeting friendly fellow game developers, exchanging ideas, drinking tea and playing crazy card games after a night spent codding.

This time I was programmer on ‘Potion Painter': the game is a sort of Tower Defense where you play a little alchemist that must prevent waves of monsters to reach his tower.

To do so, you can throw colour filled potions at them (3 different) and they act as filters by removing the corresponding colour component from the monsters: this way you can totally remove the colour they are made of and destroy them to score some points.

The game has a nice look ‘n feel and on top of that it won the ‘first prize’ of the jam, which consisted in some cool board games: so, meeting nice people, creating games for 48 hours and winning some stuff… what else? ^^

I’ll upload ‘Potion Painter’ after a little debugging session but, I need to take a little nap before that…


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