Interference – IndieGoGo campaign

Today a friend told me about a really promising new indie game called ‘Interference‘, which features a mix of platforming, stealth and puzzles within a great universe reminding Ridley Scott’s ‘Blade Runner’ movie.

I saw the game’s trailer and then realized that this project was run by a single person (helped by 2 music composers): I know that he doesn’t constitute the unique example of such great projects with such (ridiculously) low means but… wow, I can help myself being amazed each time I see a game with such a great potential being made by one talented person!

If you like cyberpunk universes and are the kind of person that keep watching ‘Blade Runner’ at least one time a year, you should definitely have a look to Anthony Beyer’s Interference and maybe help him making it real by backing the project on IndieGogo?

Oh, and if it is not enough, there is a free alpha demo is downloadable on the campaign page : )

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