It’s been quite some time/jams


Wow, these last weeks have been fully charged with tons of things to do on Deadlock and some cool events occurring in the same time!

Briefly, we implemented a new component in the game: Spark system!
Sparks must be collected by the player to complete the game: they unlock small shortcuts within the main story levels as well as mini-levels dedicated to time attack for the ‘Speedrun Mode’..

We also attended the DemoNight in Montreal organized by IGDA’s local chapter and had the chance to meet Rami Ismail who is definitely a really cool and inspiring person!

In the meantime there were multiple jams I participated to, like the Ludum Dare 48 for which we made a silly (but nice looking) game called ‘Last Call’ and more recently the Global Game Jam 2014 that was incredibly fun and for which I made ‘Rachrosh’ with 2 friends.

Last but not least, if everything goes fine we should be able to showcase Deadlock during the next GDC in San Francisco: so let’s go back to work to make it happen!

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