Jam Projects


I like participating to game jams: to be honest, I’m a jam addict, and I really wish I could find more time to collaborate with people all over the world during those thrilling, chilling, mind blowing events!

My first one was in 2009, for the first Global Game Jam: we made a small Flash game with several friends called ‘The Reflecting Fool’ who was quite well received and even chosen by Serge Hasco√ęt (Creative Director at Ubisoft group) as the best entry of our jam location : )

I’ve made several Global Game Jams since then and it was always really funny (and exhausting too!).

Game jams constitute really unique occasions to gain experience, to meet people and sometimes to produce something quite cool, as we did with 4 friends when we decided to participate to the first ‘7 Day FPS’ game jam where we developed a small prototype that eventually become a full (small) indie game called Deadlock!

Here you can download some of the (buggy) prototypes made during those events…

Rachrosh (Global Game Jam 2014)


Last Call (Ludum Dare 48 – 2013)


Potion Pitcher (GAMERella 2013)


Under Pressure (Global Game Jam 2013)


Epic Rainbow Groove (Global Game Jam 2012)


Apocalypse Mole: Total Extinction (Global Game Jam 2011)


The Reflecting Fool (Global Game Jam 2009)