Rachrosh| Global Game Jam (2014) | Game Maker Studio

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So the Global Game Jam 2014 theme was ‘We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.’

Rachrosh is our interpretation of the theme, which revolves around the way we see our reality from a subjective point of view…
(All those fancy words to explain the concept of the game : p)

You are.. ‘something’ that must associate colors with words by exploring a blank world looking for them.

You constantly spread black ink spots on the map and must avoid to run out of black ink (it’s basically your life gauge).

When you grab a color you start spreading it for a brief time instead of pumping your black ink reserve.

But whatever the color you’re spreading, monsters will pop out ink spots and start chasing you if you aren’t currently spreading the same color as them, so be careful and gab your ‘Hotline Miami style Baseball bat’ to get ride of them before being outnumbered!

At the end of your journey you will eventually find out who you are…