Potion Pitcher is now online + New jams to come

After working again on it for a week or so, we finally polished and presented Potion Pitcher at the last Meet Up of the Montreal Game Society Club (December, 4th).

We are pretty satisfied with what we managed to do during the GAMERella game jam, especially as we actually had 24 hours to make it ^^

The concept is simple: you are an alchemist that must defend his tower from minions sent by a cruel witch named Grizelda.
To do so, you must throw potions at them, filled with one of 3 ‘primary’ colours: each minion being composed of 2 of these colours, you will have to match the corresponding combinations to destroy them completely.

I had a lot of fun codding the ‘wave algorithm’ used to spawn minions in each level with a little bit of randomness, plus adding codding some things to let the designer tweak each gameplay related variables.

The game has been polished and now features a leaderboard, you can play it > there <

Now it’s time to prepare for more jam events with the Ludum Dare n° 28 starting tonight and another jam organized by the TAG group this week-end at Concordia University (Montreal)!

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