DeadCore (Wip)

DeadCore is a Speedrunner mixing FPS, Platforming and Puzzles: the project started during the 7 Days FPS Challenge 2012 (www.7dfps.org) and is developed by 5 people (including myself):

  • Antoine Guerchais (Programmer)
  • Arnaud Noble (Sound Designer)
  • Aymeric Schwartz (Music Composer)
  • Fabien Di Pardo (2D/3D Artist)

After several good reviews, we worked a little bit more on a playable demo and finally launched a crowdfunding campaign to bring the game to the next level: as we managed to buy two Unity3D Pro licenses, we are currently developing the game as the 5-Bits Games team, aiming at releasing it through digital distribution (Desura, Steam…) over February 2014 (well, we hope so ^^…).

Site: www.deadcore-game.com
Desura: www.desura.com/games/deadlock
Facebook: www.facebook.com/deadcore
Twitter: https://twitter.com/5BitsGames