Goju (2010)


2nd year student project made at the ENJMIN (Angoulême, France).

The game is a FPS where the player has to travel between two worlds : in order to reach the exit of an old military complex, he will have to connect to a virtual war simulation, orginally created to train young children.

The game alternates stealth/exploration gameplay, as the player plays a young child seeking a way out the Complex, with intense arcade gunfights in (quite) open worlds of the Simulation, where he can also use ‘Hack’ to gain new abilities and ben the system rules.


– Game/Level Designers : Stephanie Mader, Adrien Pelov
– Programmer :Cedric Liaudet, Pierre Josse
– Graphist : Erwan Thepault, Delphine Soriano
– Manager : Alexandre Chamoy
– Usability expert : Melanie Ginibre
– Sound Designer / Composer : Arnaud Noble