The Pub (2009)

1st year student project made at the Enjmin (Angoulême, France).

The Pub is a 2D Beat’ em Up where the characters are possessed by War Gods to fight in a supernatural tournament.

The fights take place inside an old and dirty Irish Pub, within a dark atmosphere smelling alcohol and sweat : ) .

The players must use their voice and shout the loudest possible to increase their hit damages and throw their special powers.

– Game Designers : Kevin Poupard, Adrien Pelov
– Programmer: Florian Derudder
– Graphist: Ronan Kergosien, Caroline Kowalczuk
– Manager: Mickaëm Godard
– Usability expert: Raphaël Sautron
– Sound Designer / Composer: Aymeric Schwarts (+some tracks from the ‘Fish Drivers’)